My Story In a Few Paragraphs

Born and raised in Barcelona. I am an Industrial Engineer, always involved with tech products and companies.

In 2011, upon graduation, co-founded iomando technologies, a startup pioneering keyless access management for mobile devices. Which in plain English means opening doors and stuff with your phone. We built a cool product and ended up acquired by Citibox in 2017.

Before the acquisition though, in 2015, after four years committed at iomando, decided to switch gears and pursue another passion of mine: education. Then joined the Ironhack crew, to change the way we learn about technology. First as the Campus Manager in Barcelona, establishing the city operations from ground up, and later on as a Product Manager.

As you can see, I like simple and starting things from scratch.

From time to time, I sit and write some thoughts down in the blog, but I devote almost all my free time to read books, learn new stuff and build, mostly, useless things.

Other Irrelevant Things

  • Hold strong opinions on health, happiness, simplicity and owning stuff.
  • Before using any product, meticulously inspect the settings menu.
  • Love things that move around: bikes, trains, planes and specially cars, but also hate the idea of owning one.
  • Tend to think small and enjoy details.
  • Know for a fact that any mindless activity gets much better by listening to a podcast.
  • Do not like to travel, I truly believe it is overrated, but I am open for discussion.

Finally here's a neat search bar just in case you already know what you're looking for or want to find something in particular.